100 pack CD-R


    I'm looking for the cheapest, but reliable pack of 100 cd-r cd's, 700mb ones.

    I've seen the various ones on SVP for around £9.99 but with delivery it comes out to almost £16-£17

    If anyone could find me the any cheaper ones, but good brand/reliable then that would be great!


    [SIZE=2]£11.66 for 100 white top Infiniti branded 700mb CD-R including delivery. They also have coloured discs in various shades. Most things are expensive there but cd/dvd media works out very cheap because delivery is free on everything:[/SIZE]


    Amazon have 100 CD-R for £9.99 but you'll have to buy something else to make your order up to £15 to get free delivery. I don't know how reliable Datawrite are or what capacity those discs are.



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    Im in the process on getting the discs from

    Very good price! Thanks.

    One more thing, know if theres a valid discount code for them at the moment? Theres a place where you can eneter the code, so I did a google search and found the code [SIZE=-1]8899 (10% off), I clicked on next, and it comes to the page where it says your total price. Not sure if the dsicount code gets deducted after, so I tried another code, JAN10, and this time, when I clicked next, it said a eroor message at the top, 'the code xxxxx cannot be recognised.'


    Hi Ravstar. I don't know of any discount codes for their site. I did notice that there is a link to become an affiliate. Maybe Quidco could look into it.

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    Ok, thanks anyway, ordered from

    +rep given!


    Ok, thanks anyway, ordered from given!

    They do have 10% off promotion events Ravster but these are announced on the's a case of being lucky when you enter the site looking for a purchase...I use them regularly and they have given me excellent service..even price matched when I emailed them to say a product was cheaper elsewhere.
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