£100 Thomas Cook Voucher giveaway !

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Found 24th Apr 2008
If you need this voucher please send a PM and i'll give the code.. first come first served basis! one code received via Macdonald current offers.


Not a deal... moved to Misc.

um shouldnt this be in misc? not deals

hehe beat to it

i'll take it

Original Poster

Sorry First time posting..a little help

If its instant win i ould really use this



Sorry First time posting..a little help

when you submit..

it would only be under deals if its a deal you have spotted somewhere that anyone can benefit from eg a special offer at a supermarket

if your selling or trading something it would go under for sale/trade

and for things such as giving away vouchers from maccyd's, or jokes/random comments use misc

hope this helps some!

Original Poster

Thanks for the above advise and next time I will post correctly..just wanted to give something back, thats all

So do i get it?



So do i get it?Thanks

Ace Hayward asked first!


Ace Hayward asked first!

Technically, its the first person that PM first.


Technically, its the first person that PM first.

Duh! What you think I didn''t know that! :oops:

Well to you as well then!

lol yay i won!

*****! Bet ya not even going on holiday

i will actually. prob do what i did last year n go somewhere on my own. best holiday ever!


h! Bet ya not even going on holiday

Cor, that is harsh - I have reported your post :x

i was joking?

i thought that was obvious?

Sorry if offended Ace.

I would have expected the swear filter to pick it up - just sounded harsh to me as I don't ever see swearing on here and it didn't sound like a joke. It is easy to misinterpret what people mean online so maybe a smiley would have been appropriate so that we knew it was a joke.

I had a smiley in didnt i? Was ment to be a sad face...

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