£100 to spend on ????

    Hi guys.....

    This might sound a bit odd, but I have £100 to spend on something......and have no idea what! The idea is to buy something that is a bit different from what you would normally spend £100 something a bit extragant or just a bit differnt!!

    Any ideas!?



    Buy me a 24v cordless drill

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    swap the 2 middle letters over.:roll:

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    lol, hmmmm.....


    how old are you and what you into, m/f?

    need some sort of info

    so are you buying for yourself?

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    male, 29....was thinking kind of gadgety.......

    An electronics book and a load of components from Maplin.

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    yeah, cut a long story short, i started a £5 bet a few weeks ago, and when i won, bet the £5and the winnings, manged to get it all the way up to £100 - so taken it out, and now looking to get something that normally would get!


    horizon h2go rc car that drinks water and sunlight

    b&d cordless alligator part chainsaw part hedge trimmers

    Walkera 5-6 Genius Chopper or Carson Apache AH-64 indoor choppers

    a top quality cree led torch

    Personally, I'd save it until something comes along that I really want.

    dont buy anything that wont last, buy something that you will love and look after, so that you are able to reflect on your fortunate streak.

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    lol, that jivebox thing looks cool!! I was looking at the i want one of those website, all good stuff!!

    jive box is a great bit of kit, every clear sound even when you crank it up

    Buy me a new watch :P

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    cool, we may have a winner!!! ta!

    have you looked around here

    what about a dab internet radio

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    lol, just been looking at the gadget show website, now thinking i may have too many gadgets as i have most of those options!!

    get real,you can never have to many gadgets

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    lol, true! maybe a psp or ds lite

    Put the money in bank and when you really need something you can use it.


    Put the money in bank and when you really need something you can use it. … Put the money in bank and when you really need something you can use it.

    spend it,spend spend it:-D

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    lol, that would be the sensible thing to do, but i dont want to be sensible for once!!

    what about spending a little more and get a ipod touch

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    got an ipod video, so think im ok with the ipods!

    100 scratchcards.

    How fun would that be!!

    10,000 penny sweets?


    100 scratchcards.How fun would that be!!

    done that, not much fun


    done that, not much fun

    :lol: loooool u didnt win then :lol:

    maybe buy 10,000 penny sweets :?

    How bout a big bottle of champagne ??

    Forget the gadgets. Fly Ryanair to Kaunas, Lithuania & just look at the women. If you are single do more than look - if you are married get a gadget :lol:

    For anyone single i would recommend this trip :thumbsup:


    :lol: loooool u didnt win then :lol:

    i think we won about 20 or 30 quid, blew that on another batch, its quite boring rubbing loads of scratch cards
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