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Found 17th Jul 2009
Does anyone have any brilliant suggestions for a present for my grandmother who will soon be 100 years old - she is not very mobile but still very much with it. Thinking about something up to £100.
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Always difficult with folk of that kinda age. When my grandfather was alive, we bought him things to make his life that bit easier, like a larger tv and an air conditioner unit - that kinda thing.
Red letter sky diving?

Seriously though balloon trip.

How about a short break to somewhere she hasn't been since her childhood, or a short break to see someone she hasn't seen for years etc
Why no get something like a paper from the date she was born, name a star or flower or something after her...
or a nice neclace?

Pretty hard to pick something from someone that age...
What about a digital photo frame with photos of all the family on my elderly Aunt loves hers .

you could leave it on 10 sec intervals and she won't even have to touch it just enjoy the photos

you could also take photos of any celebration she has and any flowers and cards that she receives
no doubt you are having a bit of a party

hire a professional choir / group / barber shop quartet etc to sing happy birthday and more

dont think anything will surpass letter / telegram / email!! from the queen though
my nan was 102

on her 100 david steele visited her and presented her with a plaque - worth contactng local mp (cough cough) im sure they could claim for plaque
Wow, 100, Congrats to your grandmother.

How about 100 Roses? Old people seem to love flowers.
You could prob find a Sovereign coin dated with her birth year for about £100......
tbh Not wanting to sound nasty or pessimistic or anything, but when you are at 100 you have only a few years left realistically, stuff like coins or newspapers, material things will just go into a drawer.

i would go for stuff which makes lie easier/more enjoyable, gives experience and memories.
The hot air balloon ride sounds great (if she would be up to that sort of thing.) a digital photo frame loaded with photos of family, friends and picture s of the party etc is another brilliant idea that has been suggested. the short break to childhood places would e good aswell!

some really great ideas in here, just make sure its something memorable that she will enjoy
My grandad turned 80 afew weeks ago and my aunt made him a slideshow with loads of old pictures from when he was young to getting maried to having kids then onto grandchildren etc, Some of them had funny captions, Its a great idea because now he can watch them on his TV as his eyesight isn't so good now, It wasn't expensive and you could take her out for the day with some of her loved ones which she would probably prefer.
I think the digital photo thing sounds good. The balloon ride - think carefully. You can never guarantee a bump-free landing, in fact before taking off the pilot instructs you how to position yourself before landing which may be very difficult for a 100 year old. 100 year old bones are very frail! There is also no toilet!!!
some music from when she was a young woman ie. teenager - but i don't think they were called that when she was young

my 96 yr old grandmother likes the beach boys.
Many thanks for all the replies - they will be very helpful.
i would do a collage photos of key points in her life in a nice frame, for example wedding day children, grandchildren
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