£1000 budget for gaming laptop or tower

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Found 15th Feb
My nephew has a budget of £1000 to spend on a gaming laptop (Prefered) Or a tower. He also needs to be able to pay monthly not an all in one payment.

Any ideas would be great



Credit card and tower

He doesn't have a budget of £1000 - he has a budget of whatever he can afford to spend monthly. He has a limit of £1000 to spend.

PC Specialist have some reasonable prices and they offer finance - you can do a 10% deposit and pay the rest after a year or then spread it out again after that

Credit card as 0% and tower for value. More money for your money. That said laptop is more portable if he plans to go and play at friends etc. look at somewhere like scan.

Def credit card and tower. Have a look about the site see what 0% Ines there are. Almost certain I saw a 0% purchase card posted either today or yesterday. If credit card isn't available someone else mentioned pc specialist above. They have a decent credit facility though I think the % is quite high. Do allow an early payment though which could be an option

Original Poster

Sorry the main question was what laptop or pc to buy in that price range with monthly payment as an option

Thanks for the financial advice though

There's a massive difference between a tower and a laptop in terms of quality of gameplay.

I think first figure what you actually want and how you will use it.

Wait for Ryzen, he'll get a better PC for the money.


cy the computer guy has some fantastic deals on facebook not sure if he does payments though

Spend £1,000 on a laptop now, and in 12-18 months he will want a new one, as the old one is no longer fast enough.

A case like this is probably ideal for what he wants Aerocool

It only takes a micro-ITX motherboard, but it has TONNES of space inside, with room for a watercooling set-up or a serious heatsink and gfx card for gaming.

If laptops your preference you can get a 1050 laptop from pcspecialist for under £800 I think, or get something like the hp omen store.hp.com/UKS…TB&. If you don't mind spending the full £1000 lookout for a 1060 model instead if you can get one in that range.

If you don't mind 2nd hand shop around for something previous gen, maybe take out an overdraft if places don't do finance. Just today I managed to get an i7+970m MSI laptop from cash generator for £650 which will outperform most the 1050 models and is probably better quality than most.

If you go for a PC, you can get a 1050 ti + i3 PC for less than £600 e.g. overclockers.co.uk/ocu…tml. If you shop around you can get a 1060 + i5 for probably less than £700. Then you just need to add a screen, keyboard/mouse.

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