£1000 for gaming PC

Found 12th May
Friend of mine has a max budget of £1000 for a gaming PC including monitor, he doesn't mind buying the monitor seperate though aslong as its a great monitor.

I've been looking and it seems a system built around the 1060 6gb is probs his best bet but thats as much as I know, so any help or even offers he should go for would be much appreciated.

Also he wants a prebuilt system

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Shouldn't have a problem getting a 1070 in a budget of 1k. I wouldn't be happy with a 1060.
Forget nVidia cards on that budget if you want a great monitor. You're looking at silly money for a g-sync screen. I'd probably pick up an RX 570 system (an 8100 processor is fine) and a 2560x1440 32" freesync monitor.
Thanks for the replies, I'm not overly impressed with Freshtech as a friend of mine had a nightmare with them! Any other links to deals would be appreciated

Thanks again
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