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    I'm looking to spend roughly £1000 on a laptop and haven't managed to find any suitable options other than possibly the Dell XPS which I still believe is slightly overpriced for what it's giving.
    Battery life 2+ hours
    Reasonable Customer Service
    General high spec components suitable for gaming.

    If anyone has any ideas then just say, even if it's above or below the price, if it's got what I need then I'll be interested. Basically saying what's the best spec I can get for a laptop in that price range.



    acer aspire 8930g, its a full hd laptop . gaming laptop . it can run gta iv and other high spec games. it has 18" full hd screen . it has hdmi port . and you can buy laptop rougly around £650-800. used to cost around £1400

    Few general tips mate. There is a hell of a lot of choice and you need to make some policy decision to narrow things down.

    Are you bothered about looks, I dislike acer's as they are made of plastic and generally not that phenomenally built but if it's mainly for use at home then they're fine. If its something you are going to be doing a lot of travelling with then you need a good build. The Dell XPS series feel very solid (I have one of the XPS studio 15's) and they also look great but as you say the extra quality up's the price. It kills L4D2 etc though.

    There is always a trade off but if you outline your usage will try to find the best spec machine for you. Check out the below link on forcasted return rates etc which will help you to narrow things down. Lower % is better...…ls/

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    Cheers for the quick replies, not a fan of the Acer you suggested mainly because of the Intel Core 2 Duo, and my mates have told me it's not worth going for anything less than I7 now.

    As far as looks goes I'm not overly bothered, but I do agree a plastic finish doesn't look good and probably is not as durable as some of the better builds. I will be using this laptop heavily so it's going to need to last in terms of not breaking as well as keeping up in terms of still being a viable gaming machine. The Dell XPS studio 16 (at £999) seems like it has most things I want, however I'm sure there are better deals out there with better graphics card etc, I just need to find them.

    Watching the game mate but i will have a look at some benchmarks etc later and try to find you summit!

    h t t p://w w…964 - HP laptop with a good spec. I7 with NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M

    h t tp://w w…015 - HP envy. Bit over your budget but this is a high spec and looks as good as the macbook pro's

    ht t p://w w…789

    Samsung R780 Corei5 4GB DDR3 bit cheaper but has a nice GFX chipset in. i5 Chip not i7 but should pack a good punch

    Out of all the above though mate I would go for the Dell Studio 16 on the link below from dell directly. Its a quad i7 (they make dual cores i7's too so be careful, you can check it on intels site). Machine has a 1gb Ati card in which will play anything out at the moment.

    ht tp://…-16
    See what you think of those 4 mate. Let me know.


    You may want to look into] this.
    Whilst you may not be able to spec it upto the max now it has scope for upgrade unlike most laptops.
    It has two MXM-IIIb graphics slots and can take upto 4 hard disks. So while it may be expensive (you will have to contact them for prices) you wont be having to buy a new machine in a couple of years time.
    As you will see from the link it can take upto two HD 5870's and you could add a couple of SSD's in RAID and a couple of 1TB hard disks and it would be an absolute monster of a laptop.

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    Gavin, although that laptop does look incredible I get the feeling it will probably be well over twice my budget which I just don't have at the moment.

    Leon, those links all seem to have what I need but I most like the look of the HP Envy. The spec is very nice and also it's good very good reviews from most place. Do you know of any codes I can use to get money off?

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    The envy appears to have extremely pour battery life from what I've read, does anyone know how easy it would be to get battery replacements? I've read about battery 'slices', can you get these for the envy and how much would that set me back?

    alienware m11x, very good laptop, small and good for games!

    Spoke to a mate today with an envy for you mate he said he gets about 2 hours off battery max but this is the trade off you get with such a powerful machine. TBH if you want sick battery life, the way to go is the mac book. They now have deicated GFX cards in the mac book pros and they start from 1k upwards. You could do worse than pay 1100 for a decent one of those. Steam is now out for it and you can dual boot with win7 using the official apple software. Still, the XPS studio 16 i linked to above is the best and they do look great when you see them in the flesh. HP reliability is just about OK.

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    Right I've decided the Envy is for me, what's the best deal around? I've been told to definitely get the extended warranty because they are known to go wrong.
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