10,000RPM HDD around 100GB or less - SATA2, Not SCSI - Anyone selling?

    Wanna purchase a 10,000RPM HardDrive for my PC. Around 100GB or less, 55GB - 60GB minimum as Windows Vista 64 Bit Ultimate, requires that much, as i only need it to boot Vista. Need it to be SATA2, not SCSI.

    Bought a 74GB 10K RPM HDD used for £40, off a member on this site. Need another one! Anyone know a good website or anyone willing to sell around £20 - £30?

    Thanx peeps!


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    As far as I know the western digital raptors are the only ones, and as the 74GB ones are still £90 new then you'll have to be lucky again to get one at £20-30.

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    Yeh true! Checked around, but if anyone is willing to sell a used one? Around £20-£40? I am willing to pay.
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