1080p Tv For Under £500?

    I'm looking for a 1080P TV for under £500 -
    Any about?

    Thanks in advance.:thumbsup:


    £600ish for the non brand 40inchers, £700+ for anything half decent is the general rule of thumb right now.

    You could get a 24" monitor and stick a tuner onto it but thats not a TV in itself.

    Aldi did have a 42 inch 1080 a week or two ago!!

    insideman, what are you going to be using it for? unless your going to be using it for a PC you really wont see any difference between a 1080p and a 720p unless your planing on sitting around 2ft away from it.
    If your limited to £500 i would go for a 720p instead, any 1080p you manage to pick up for 500quid will most likely not be as good as a 720p for the same price.

    I have a 1080p 37" sharp that i use as a PC monitor, before i had a 42" 720p panasonic and for my ps3 and films i honestly cant see any difference @ ~8ft from the screen.

    But for running windows its a massive difference, in sitting 2ft away from the screen right now and i have no problems. I thought i would get headaches and stuff before but had this for 6months now and its just like sitting infront of my old 24" tft.

    I'm looking for a 1080p 37" or above, looking to spend about £500 around Jan time. Hopefully, I would like the LE40M86BD 40" Samsung model (currently £700ish).

    ive just bought the lg 37lf66
    its 1080p and 37"
    i have to say my xbox 360 looks simply stunning via hdmi connection
    i used to have it hooked up via component and then hdmi to a 32" teco 720p tv and the difference is night and day
    i reckon you will get one for less than 600 in january
    i wanted a samsung m87 but it was a little pricey:-(
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