1080p upscale versus blu ray????

    Will you notice much difference between the blu ray and 1080p upscaling dvd?
    Just waiting for 1080p tv and got the dvd player. considering blu ray is the difference that noticeable?

    I've read loads and technically it sounds there would be a difference but how visible is it???

    Am I just being thick?



    Depends on the person, size of TV, distance that you are viewing from etc. But basically 1080p upscaled isn't as good as true 1080p on a Blu-ray the DVD player is trying to make something out of something that isn't there. I would get a Blu-ray player everything is moving towards Blu-ray its just a matter of time. If you do buy one get a PS3 its the best Blu-ray player on the market.


    Upscaling is good but Blu Ray just blew me away! Again, it depends on certain criteria, as certain older films on Blu Ray (or HD dvd for that matter) look pretty poor (compared to the newer film releases) and not even a vast difference to SD never mind upscaled. Go for Blu Ray, you won't regret it! :thumbsup:


    Churchy brings up a good point there you should check if there any films on Blu-ray you would actually like as its going to take quite a few years to bring everything onto the format and if theres nothing you want currently you might as well wait until there is as player prices will have dropped.

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    i got the panny ph42pz80b i want full def. a ps3 is next on the list. THANKS rep all round!

    no comparision imo tried upscaling then tried full 1080p on my sony kdl40v4000 ps3 blu ray and just blew me away
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