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1080pand 4k resolution

Posted 12th Oct
at what size screen would you notice a difference at 1080p and 4k?
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If you had robot eyes
I have a 58 inch 4K tv. I can see a difference with true 4K content (I have an Xbox One X) but it’s not as big as I’d like. I think part of it is down to how well 1080p gets automatically upscaled to the tv though. A really good 1080p file looks very sharp to me.
50+ inches really. More noticeable when comparing larger screens to larger screens.
It's a function of screen size plus viewing distance, not just screen size.
You notice more of a difference with the extras on a 4K set such as HDR10 and Dolby vision. I’ve got a cheap hisense in the bedroom that’s 4K but it’s nothin special. Dolby vision on the LG OLED is fantastic.
Around 55" you can easily tell the difference in my opinion
How well does all the SD and 1080p content scale up? I assume the 1080p should be good but what about SD content?
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