10ft Trampoline with enclosure

    Can someone please find me a deal on a 10ft trampoline with enclosure.
    Plus how many people does it take to put together?




    see the woolworths link above !! looks cheap x

    10Ft Trampoline Enclosure - £was £109.99 Then £49.99 Now £44.99 - 10% = £40.50
    - thanks to wizzkid

    You can put it together on your own but its definitely better to have an extra pair of hands. Especially to attach the springs to the frame.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the replies so far.

    Is it better to have the enclosure on the inside or the outside of the trampoline plus how do you protect it over the winter months?

    Our enclosure sits at the edge of the bounce mat, so that the kids dont land on the springs, TBH I didnt really think about it, its just the way it was designed. Over the really eavy months I think I plan on taking the enclosure and mat down and keeping them in the garage, but I know loads of people who leave them out all winter.

    If you are worried about space B&Q were selling folding trampolines with enclosure this summer.



    there is one here for … there is one here for £89.99

    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]Doh !!!!![/COLOR][/SIZE]

    Foosball Chum;3147050

    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]Doh !!!!![/COLOR][/SIZE]

    lol :thumbsup:

    If purchasing from Focus in store take an older person (pensioner) with you to get an extra 10% off
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