10in tablet recommendations

Posted 21st Aug 2020
Hi all, I'm looking to purchase a 10in tablet for around the £100 mark give or take a few quid, currently debating on the Amazon fire HD, Lenovo tab m10 or the Huawei media pad T5. Would love to know your thoughts on which is best or any other suggestions.
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Galaxy Tab A? A bit above the budget though.
i have the huawei T5 and it is a decent budget tablet.
The t5 is superb and much better than the other 2 (try get the 3gb version as any 2gb tablet will be slow) . The fire hd is truly awful.

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Search for "Fusion 5" on Amazon and compare the various specs. Their older Android models may be cheaper. I've had one for 18 months now and it serves me well. Not so good on battery retention and charging and the speakers not so good when compared with tablets up to 3 times as much. External speakers and headphones are fine.
mutley121/08/2020 22:54

i have the huawei T5 and it is a decent budget tablet.

Ah, I think you've mentioned that before. In every single tablet thread.
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