10mp or larger for a blow-up photo of atleast 24"x24"

    Simple question really.

    If i wanted to blow up a photograph (in future) to say 2'x2' would I need a camera with very high resolution? Would, for example, Nikon D1000 or Canon D1000 - both 10.1mp, be OK for my need?

    I suppose the other way of looking at it is: How big a photo can take with 10.1mp d-slr camera?





    Yes, they would be fine. You could easily blow up to bigger that that with a 5MP camera (assuming it was a decent SLR with a good lens)

    But with 10MP you'll be fine as long as it's a clear photo.

    I use Photobox for my prints and when you upload an image and select a print size, they have a little icon that tells you if it is going to come out as a high quality print or not. May be worth trying that out on their site

    Original Poster

    Thank you all.

    Now, to buy Canon or Nikon beginners models :0).
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