10th of june marks & spencer sale

just got an email from marks & spencer , informing me that 2 of the items i ordered at 7.00am
they do not have. ( but there was more than 10 in stock when i ordered !!.
what a joke, they took 7 days to tell me this, so i have cancelled the remaining item,
this is the 4th time this has happened,
they are becoming a joke,
anybody had this problem with marks & spencer, ????,


Same happened to me in the last sale too - ordered quite a few things and they emailed me a week later to say everything was out of stock even though it was showing as having loads in stock. I didn't bother with the recent sale this time.

yep, i think those who have it delivered or opt for earlier collection get them first :x Despite ordering with 10 + still in stock.

was going to ask the same as its been a week and no news,
just checked my e-mail, 1 item sold out out of 14, i ordered at around 9.15am on sale day
not bad considering the sale before they were sold out of all 10 of my items by the time it came to delivery
delivery is scheduled for tomorrow, will see what happens

yes the same has happened to me twice, i was not impressed.

Original Poster

the most anoyying thing is one of the items i ordered is still show in stock !!!

i fired of an e-mail to customer services, pointing this out and cancelling the other item i ordered to save them the bother of informing that it was not in stock,
i ordered at just before 7 am

yup n CS less than helpful spouting off there T&C that they not boumd by contratc until goods are despatched etc
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