11 Million pounds



    11 Million pounds to kick u in the nuts. I accept.

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    11 Million pounds to kick u in the nuts. I accept.

    i want my now tv voucher back u old tart


    i want my now tv voucher back u old tart


    There arent any other crimes happening, best to spend it on Maddie.

    Yep, once they find the parents guilty I hope the sell all of their assets to recoup some of the cost.


    sick of all this Maddie funds. the parents left her , end off!
    lots of people missing but the government don't give a damm.
    been saying this for years

    Still a kids life though, isn't it? Couldn't care less if the parents are guilty or not. The little girl didn't ask for any of what may or may not have happened, or indeed be happening to her, and she deserves justice. If she is alive, she's suffered 10 years of torment and anguish and no doubt has some serious self-identity issues.

    Just forget the parents for a moment and remember who the actual victim is in all this.

    Of course she never asked for it but i think that if she is alive she's being well cared for, just like Ben Needham.. if he's alive like his parents think, then they have both been away (and were young enough) long enough to probably not realise they aren't with their real parents.

    I hope that they are both one day reunited with their families.... all that aside.. you can't help but wonder what sort of parent leaves 3 babies to go for a meal? Holidays are family times and if you take babies abroad then you have to make sacrifices and take care of your family.

    What about all the other child disappearances that you never hear about. Shame.
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