110 acres Island for sale, perfect for x-mas

    just found this is perfect as a xmas gift, but i already got 1, so hurry up.
    just one in stock.

    Located just east of the island of Phuket, an island popular with tourists and estate owners, Rangyai is the largest island currently available for sale in the region.

    The island is close to both Phuket and Coconut Island both of which are home to numerous resorts, and are very popular with tourists. Ranyai Island is an advantageous position in the area, allowing the prospective owner to capitalize on the development potential of this property.

    At 110 acres in size, the island comes complete with fresh water, electric generator, and mobile signal. The island is located only 20 minutes form Phuket International Airport and just 10 minutes by boat from the nearest town.

    Much like its neighbour, Phuket, Rangyai Island is adorned by beautiful white sand beaches and lush tropical forests. In addition, given its advantageous location between the islands of Phuket, Krabi, and Phangna, the island benefits from incredible 360-views.


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    any codes im £3.50 short


    not funny

    im afraid my private A380 does not have skiis so the lack of tarmac runway is hindering the sale. In the words of James, Big Dunc or Theo 'IM OUT'

    cold for me as they dont have two lol just kiddingX)

    why expired? has someone put an offer in?

    can I get an interest free credit for this?

    would rather just buy 100's or even 1000's of places across asia any quidco? haha should be going cheaper than that this island will prob be underwater in 10 years or so.
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    why expired? has someone put an offer in?

    nope, someone just doesnt have a sense of humour, but its in misc now so the fun times are about to begin


    I stayed on this Island for a few nights, a while ago. I would warn and potential buyer on HUKD that there was no water or power supply!!!

    That was me, i meant to click on edit to add a comment but clicked on expire by mistake! Bargain at this price, sure the latest euromillions winner will fancy it.

    wonder if they will haggle?


    i can get a 1% mortgage yay where do i sign??!!

    Any delivery codes?

    no cable Tv or broadband so I am out

    Lost Symphonies

    Any delivery codes?

    loooooooooooooooooooooooool X)
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