12 Days of Christmas PSN 8 + 9 Leak (Star Wars Battlefront 2 + Cod WW2)

Found 12th Dec 2017
If you were planning on buying any of these games and prefer digital you should hold off for a sec. It got South Park correct before it was announced for sale so it seems credible; altho I'd still take with a pinch of salt.

...Must .....resist.....and not buy ...... Battlefront 2

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3999 rub is 52 pounds though? 🧐
Boycott EA. Don’t be a forgetful goldfish. Don’t be fooled by the “no more lootboxes and microtransactions ever” info that was released a few days ago. Disney (a corporation much bigger and far superior) forced EA to kill the MTs and Lootboxes then beg for mercy. EA does not care about us fans who exposed them, except to fleece us out of our money.
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