Found 25th Dec 2009
Hello everyone,

I'd just like to say THANKS to everyone that called into, and took part in the 12 DAYS OF HUKD Christmas DEAL-SEARCH COMPETITION of mine over the last week and a hald.

Congratulations to all the daily winners, and I'd like to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS 2009

This year's winners:

Day Zero: 40inch Full HD Television - £425.00 - tuckeral
Day One: Dining Room Table and Six Chairs - £69.74 - dog_cop
Day Two: Quad Bike - £699.30 - athunder
Day Three: Twelve Red DAB Radios - £359.88 - snowtiger
Day Four: Four Electric Fire Sets - £355.00 - akme
Day Five: Five Gold Rings - £8.49 - notts6501
Day Six: Six Women's Winter Coats - £33.95 - domestic-goddess
Day Seven: Seven Doggie Outfits - £24.08 - domestic-doggess
Day Eight: Eight PS3 Slims - £1593.60 - notts6501
Day Nine: Nine Nights in Las Vegas - £518.10 - notts6501
Day Ten: Ten Wireless Printers - £179.90 - Adam2050
Day Eleven: Eleven GUCCI sunnies - £77.71 - Notts6501
Day Twelve: Scales, Champagne, Fireworks - £86.96 - TAH-M
Community Updates
thank you and happy christmas x
I just won two £2.50 Zavvi Vouchers. Thanks
I won some Coal, In fact i won 9 lumps of coal...:thinking:

At least this will be a very warm Crimbo :lol::lol::lol:

I won some Coal, In fact i won 9 lumps of coal...:thinking:At least this … I won some Coal, In fact i won 9 lumps of coal...:thinking:At least this will be a very warm Crimbo :lol::lol::lol:

Wish I still had a coal fire now.....:-D
Somebody actually won eight ps3's?

Wah wah wuh wah
all coal here...bah humbug
Yep, all coal here too
i got a voucher
err ...... in this random draw did someone actually win four prizes ?

Well done notts6501
I got a voucher too.
when will i get my lumps of coal? and will they be recorded delivery, because i don't want my postie keeping them..
I also got a voucher ,but also 8 lumps of coal . I notice lots of others getting coal too .

I dont know where all the coal is coming from , all our pits closed years ago ! :-)
Is all the Zavvi vouchers only £2.50 ?
guys this competition is not about the coal and zavvi vouchers, it was a private competition run by the op (zampa) over the past 12 days.
There was only 1 prize of £5 on the last day which i donated, and TAH-M won.
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