12 Month FREE Mobile Contracts?

    Are there any good 12 ,11or 10 month free contracts available at the moment? Nobody is really posting them anymore here and I'm struggling to find some.

    I'm after a good phone rather than what's included in the contract. Some phones I'm looking for in particular are Nokia N73 and the Sony K810i.



    Lots of people have been burned with cashback companies going broke.

    I think currently safest is to stick with major retailers - eg e2save/onestopphoneshop (part of cpw) or possibly phones4u or the link.

    pls stay away from cashback through mobile outlet. they are currently making every excuse up to not pay me and others our cashback, even when we have fullfilled the contract. i am on the way to be seriously burnt with this years cashback contract.

    They are hard to come by these days.

    Getting one with a decent phone is nigh on impossible. If you are lucky you will get a phone with a value of £80-£100 at max.

    worth checking ]E2save.…_12
    They are carphonewarehouse company so worth a risk, I am sure they are not going to bust that soon.
    Plus quidco £36.50
    I have a contract with them too.

    You could also try ]Dial A Phone. The deals aren't completely free but IMO more sustainable to the company and therefore you're more likely to get your cashback. I've got 2 deals with them ATM and they also do a refer a friend scheme for an extra £20 plus £60 CB via Quidco.


    worth checking … worth checking ]E2save. are carphonewarehouse company so worth a risk, I am sure they are not going to bust that soon.Plus quidco £36.50 I have a contract with them too.

    They only have the LG chocolate available, I got one on Saturday.

    I have had 3 different contract with them and as long as you send a copy of the bill they fullfil contract. Unfortunately got burnt with cool new mobile. They only paid first instalment (out of five). Do a search and you will see how bad they are. Stay away from them. The best is e2save. They don't offer as many models as others, but if you don't get the cashback what is the point?We would all go for n95 and iphones at £35+ a month.

    Varied opinion on O2, however they do have 12 month tariffs. I went into O2 shop round the corner from work who ordered it for me so I can deal with them in future instead of having to ring up customer services. Got a SE K850i free on the online 25 deal about 6 weeks ago.

    Good luck
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