12 Month Interest Free Deal STING

    Has anyone else been caught out by 12months interest free?
    We purchased a suite Jan 07, we were offered the 12 month interest free option through BLACK HORSE, which we signed. The suite took 3 months for delivery, end of April 08.
    We were under the illusion from the store that it was 12 months from the delivery date, but that's our word against theirs.
    We were informed that Black Horse would send out a reminder with the payment slip prior to repayment. A letter dated 16 Nov 07 was sent, however this was received through our door MARCH 08, the postmark UK Mail Doncaster.
    I wrote off to Black Horse stating my case, able to provide financial statements of the funds being available at that time for the suite's full purchase. They replied basically its not their fault the reminder was received late.
    Black Horse have gained £337.00 through this, if the letter was received on time then they would have received nothing!
    Many would say that it is indicative on you to remember these dates, but hold your hands up if you have never forgot a birthday, anniversary, oppointments etc.
    Some cynics would smell a rat here! Just wondered if this scenario has happened with others.


    try claiming off royal mail as if the letter was dated Nov 07 and you received it postmarked March 08, then you may have a case - if royal mail had delivered it on time, you wouldn't have lost £337.

    i wouldn't say it was a sting by lloyds, just an unfortunate ballsup caused by royal mail.

    Dual responsibility IMO and they will rely on some not paying to finance others. Unfortunate rather than a sting.


    spend money that you have is what i say...down with credit!

    Sending recorded or registered is irrelevant if it is shown to be lost - it is only beneficial if shown to be delivered - as then its the company who is screwing you not the royal mail.

    However - mail is only insured against its intrinsic value (up to 100 x the cost of a first class stamp unless additional insurance is bought) which means if the royal mail lose it - they compensate you for the value of the lost paper and NOT the consequential loss.

    Its largely rip off britain again - but you may stand a chance with an online claim against them - but you would need to say they were trying to enforce an unfair contract term. However - before doing this speak to trading standards - who will actually do something in the 10% of times you get someone who has an interest in their job - rather than someone who goes in just to collect their salary.
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