12 Month Phone Contract Needed! - circa £20ish

Found 26th Feb 2007
Basically I'm currently with Vodafone on a 12 month deal. £22pm excluding insurance. It gives me 500 texts and 200 anytime x net mins . It suits me fine (don't mind dropping a few mins if I must tho)

My upgrade was at crimbo but I put it off for a while. I dropped instore to sort it out and they want £150 to upgrade me to a Nokia N73 (the phone I want - I wanna use S60)! Considering my current phone is a w800i which I got for free I thought that was a bit bloody steep! Over the phone I was quoted £83 for the same thing and after making it known I wasn't happy I got them down to it being free if I put myself on a 19 (weird) month contract, which I'm not prepared to do.

So, I basically want to know the best way of going about getting a similar deal to the one I'm on. I'm sure some of you can share some pearls of wisdom or give me some tricks/tips as I quite want something sorting now.

Thankyou in advance everybody! All help is appreciated
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Okay been having a look and for the phone you want with a lot of texts this seems to be the best deal.Only problem,it is an 18mth contract which you may not want,and it's a clearance phone.....but hey ho....have a butchers anyway ]click here It's the O2 one I was thinking of.

Re vodafone,they do not like giving free upgrades for nothing,my OH is with them and phoned to cancel his contract as he is going on the Virgin £10 deal(keeping his phone)....alll they offered to make him stay was his current contract 125mins and 75 texts for £10(he will get 300 of each from Virgin) and NO upgrade phone.The last time he upgraded his phone with them(via the retail shop) he had to tell them he was not paying for a new phone,it took them an hour and a half to get the message and him walking to the door before he got a free upgrade(with an 18 mth contract though)

Good luck anyway,whatever you decide:)
Thanks muckypup. I'll look into it. Wish I wasn't forced into the cashback route though.

Vodafone are pains in the arses. They know that the vast majority of the population is too lazy to leave companies, but not all of us are prepared for them to try and trample over us. :thumbsup:

Rep to you btw.

Any other suggestions? What are decent sites to look on for this kind of thing?
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