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Found 17th Oct 2006
wondering what best around was? keep suggestions coming, im in no rush to get one, just want a nice one. contract quality over phone quality.
i saw one from 3, its a K610i (any feedback on that phone?) with 400 minutes and 250 free texts from the mobile outlet. what do you think of that?
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If you're mainly looking for reliability then go for e2save, OneStopPhoneShop, Carphone Warehouse or the Link.

Not that the other companies are unreliable, they just make it as digfficult for you as possible to get the cashback by making it complicated to understand the terms and conditions.

If you're not *too* bothered about the phone then the more reliable route may be better for you, as the other companies are often only worth the gamble to gt a more expensive phone.

Take a look at this link as all the best offers are listed on there:

Let us know if you need help deciding.
brilliant thank you very much.

mobile outlet are doing some v good deals with virgin, any comments?
hotukdeals.com/for…875 may help you decide what the retailers are like. ;-)
well i've done some research into the mobile outlet... they seem to be the ones offering really good deals, but their feedback is pretty appauling... there was a thread about them on MSE, which i haven't finished reading, but a lot of people who would seem to know what they were doing get their cashbacks declined. Is it a gamble worth taking? i might be going for a red pebl on vodaphone with M.O. otherwise i'll wait and hope someone like e2save will do a good deal.
The Mobile outlet are doing some very good deals but their cashback is very questionable.I have resisted many times to buy from them as their feedback for cashback claims is not very good and they look for the smallest opportunity to decline the cashback.As Duckmagic has said E2Save etc are by far the better option.:)
Don't these deals work by the company making it as difficult and confusing as possible to make your claim, thereby hoping that the customer can't be bothered with it all? I'm surprised that they're not ALL as difficult as eachother to complete a successful claim, as if it's relatively easy to do this with some companies, then they're not being sneaky enough.

Just, still can't get my head around the fact that you can get a top phone, with a year of calls... for free! Surely 90% of people don't actually get their money back in the end.
themobileoutlet seems to be the most difficult, but then it has £150 (simfree) phones on 12month free rental contracts, so they are heavily gambling someone will screw up and of course swallow their own excuses in messing up claims or applying strict rules


CPW don't have anywhere near as good deals mostly but, in most peoples cases, have good CS if you chase them, give you 60days to send in claims and sometimes pay it all off early.

And as for "top phones" no retailer could afford to do say a Nokia N80 or N73 free with 12months free rental via cashback, not without basically being a scam. they tend to be budget to mid range phones.

I'm still waiting for CPW to do as good deal as they did last year.
what do people think of phone box direct? they sometimes do decent deals (ill read the feedback on ducks links later)

could someone explain to me what exactly M.O expects from you now? as reading old complaints it was usually because of a dispatch note... but more recent deals would include dispatch notes, if i were to take a m.o deal, what should i recieve with my phone, and what would i need to send out in 6 months (or 6th bill... don't know what the difference is)
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