12 months free mobile contract - what happens when finished?

    it's nearly a year now since i took out a 12 month free contract on the K750i

    has anyone ever had any experience of cancelling the contract - and what happens when you do.

    i would really like to take on a new free 12 month contract but would like to keep my number (it's on orange). Can i do this? if so, how do i do this?

    Alternatively can the number be converted to a pay as you go?

    This seems like a good deal for the same phone

    Any help greatly appreciated



    you can have the number changed to pay as u go. just call orange and tell them 1 month before ur contract is due to expire. make sure you call so you dont lose any money.

    Original Poster

    thanks - i have a further question

    can you move your mobile number to another mobile? and take out free 12 month contract?


    Usually not within the same network but you can port the number to another network. Get PAC code from existing network & transfer within 30 days.


    IMO the best way to end your 12 month contract is to phone up your current provider and ask for the PAC (Porting Authorisation Code), once you have that you have 30 days to 'use' it. To use it find another Mobile and provider and either at the sign up process (for Vodaphone) or when you receive your new phone, phone up the provider with the new handset and give them the PAC. Once the PAC is activated it cancels your current contract automatically and your number will be moved over to your new phone in 7 days from passing the PAC on.
    I've kept my same number for over 6 years.
    You cannot port (move) your number over to the same provider, IE Orange to Orange, 3 to 3 but you can do Orange to 3.
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