£120 for 1 Gig Ram and GFX card

    As Title states I have £120 to spend to upgrade a Dell machine, the E520 so the Ram is the slower 533Mhz stuff. Also need to get a half decent GFX card not looking for any hard core gaming or anything just what fits in the budget.

    Any help advice on best value for money would be much appreciated.

    Edit more specs added -

    Dell E520 with the core2duo 6300, has 1 gig of RAM as 2 x 512, it has 4 slots so 2 are free. Has a PCI-E slot, 250Gb HDD 19" Ultrasharp monitor. Its not a power computer and as for gaming might not even be used for it I would say try and run C&C Generals at a decent spec. I just want it to be decent enough to do watch films etc. It currently only has the standard dell accelerator as I refused to pay for their extortianate gfx card prices.


    there are hundreds of graphics cards around, it really depends on a) what you're going to use it for (give us the names of a couple of games if it will be used for gaming) and b) whether you have an AGP or PCI-E slot on the motherboard.
    [SIZE=2]Also it would help to know what specs the rest of your machine is, so that the RAM / GFX card can be matched to the system (for example, no point putting a £200 GFX card in a £250 computer).[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]What RAM is already in your machine? You may find that there's no free expansion slot and that you actually have to remove a strip of RAM in order to put a new one in. In that case, you may be able to sell the old strip on ebay, but remember that if you take out e.g. 256 to put in 512 then you have only upgraded overall by 256.[/SIZE]

    I got a xFx 8800 GTX for £349 delivered... will post it on boards once mine has arrived.:whistling:


    I got a xFx 8800 GTX for £349 delivered... will post it on boards once … I got a xFx 8800 GTX for £349 delivered... will post it on boards once mine has arrived.:whistling:

    Slightly out of OP's budget dontchathink? :whistling:

    might be sommat useful here for you


    £50 will get you 1gb of RAM,]click for Kingston value ram 2x512mb OR ]click for Kingston value ram 1x1gb.

    That leaves you £70 for graphics card,could try this ]click X1650pro £62.44.

    You may need to check that your PSU is up to the job though.

    The PSU will be ok.

    Mucky pup has give you about the best solution there mate.

    Either the X1650pro or a 7600gt and Kingston Value is best for your budget.

    If you could stretch to £100 for the card you would be much better off with the X1900gt at exactly £100 from Ebuyer.

    Or there is someone selling a very good 7900GS on these forums for £80+£5 postage. I would imgaine it wil be PCI-express. A great price mate.…640

    As they are only new to the forums it would be better to pick up if you could.

    In fact forget the last cards, I would imagine you would have to upgrae the PSU for one of those as it's only rated at 305w. But should be ok for the first two cards.

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    Thanks everyone rep and all that added to those extra helpful people
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