£120 HMV e-vouchers to spend?

    I currently have £120 in e wallet thanks to Motorola L6 deal! (and i only purchased 1 phone!) Trouble is i have no idea what to spend them on?? Was thinking a DS lite then sticking it on ebay??

    Wot ya reckon?


    Keep the dough till you really need something

    alright i'll bite how did you get £120 ? when everyone else got £75

    I'll give you £85 cash for the DS lite...

    PM me if you're interested

    Original Poster

    Well.... I received my phone - and no vouchers in the box. Rang o2 they were not sure whether they should be or if they were posted separately. So put me down as 'vouchers not received'. However, received them next day in brown envelope.
    Weeks passed - then o2 rang me - to apologise for not giving me vouchers - they had emailed me a new set!!!
    Im NEVER that lucky!


    I would buy me the Lee Evans box set.

    What do I get? A present for my sister.

    What do you get? A warm fuzzy feeling inside!

    Keep them proudly by your side and burn them on necessary presents to the nearest and dearest. Alternatively buy a load of excellent stuff! A present a month to yourself is guaranteed to make everything seem excellent!

    Those free e-vouchers were wicked while they lasted! Shame it's time to use real money again :lol:
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