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1200 Robux for Roblox Game with a £10 with a gift card - More bang for your Robux

Posted 26th Dec 2019
So not quite a deal but if, like me, you have children who persistently pester you for points for this game/app, and want to be ‘the best Dad/Mum in the world’ and normally buy through the app, then this might be for you.

I have bought my children Robux in the past so they can get silly hats to run around the Roblox world on their iPads. I don’t understand why and I’m not one for paying for stuff in-app myself but within reason I will buy them Robux or they use their pocket money on them. I would go through the app and buy 400 Robux for £4.99 through iTunes.

For Christmas, I bought them each a £10 Robux card from Game and after all the money I had paid for other gifts this was my son’s ‘best present’. I redeemed the gift card on their website, as per the instructions on the card, and as it’s in dollars I actually received $15.

When I went to purchase 400 Robux, the price was $4.99. So this means for £10 you get 1200 Robux rather than only 800 through iTunes. That’s an extra 400 / saving of £4.97.

They sell instant codes on Amazon so no need to get a physical one, but Amazon does state 800 Robux on the card itself. If you have reservations buy from a store like Game.

Hope this helps another parent out there who wants to join me in the best in the world category
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