12,000 Quorn mince packs recalled amid fears packets could 'contain bits of metal'

    12,000 packs recalled - info below along with batch no's / dates

    Quorn has recalled meat free mince from supermarket shelves over fears it may contain pieces of metal.

    The Food Standards Agency revealed on Tuesday that small shards of metal discovered in the veggie favourite could pose a risk to consumers.

    Affected packets have only been sold at Tesco and are 300g with a ‘best before’ date of August 31 2018 and batch code of 136331.

    In before tastes better / adds flavour etc (_;)

    Source/Credit - Evening Standard


    Should increase the iron content.

    Original Poster SuperEd


    Should increase the iron content.

    so thats why everyone in my house died off choking and throwing up blood with bits of their own meat and flesh...damn it..hmmmm

    Simply add a pinch of Cilantro for a delicious beef strogironoff

    did someone mishear about the performance of the product and say they need to improve their conductivity

    Mines from morrisons so I should be ok.

    Check my packet tomorrow, can't be ars### getting out of bed now.

    Phew! Bought some last week & made last night...batch number is 1323-5016 though

    If you get a ringing in your ear & your GP tells you it is tinnitus could it be this?
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