£120,000 up for grabs on The Chase

Found 29th Nov 2014
Don't usually watch this but in bed with sore tummy watching tv and just seen four celebs win this for charity. Do they normally let the celebs win? It seemed a genuine win and much better than the paltry £2000 or so they offer on Pointless celebs. I actually enjoyed the show so will tune in again.
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Despite being a clown Jonathan Ross is rather clever.

His general knowledge was top drawer. He carried the team.
I didn't see it, but generally the celeb version is infinitely easier than the pleb version.
Really enjoyed tonight's game.
Good win too
The cashbuilder round, gives an insight to the producers to what questions are best suited and which aren't, as such on the normals series, the questions tend to lean to their not so good side, the celebs on the other hand have easier questions handed to them.

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