120GB (at least) IDE Hard Disk

    I jumped onto the XBOX deal from Argos a couple of weeks back, and now I'm looking to upgrade the hard-disk inside it to something a bit more substantial (the one it comes with is 8GB!).

    Here are the specs I'm looking for.

    Hard drive type: internal
    Form Factor: 3.5" x 1/3H
    Capacity: 120 GB plus (the bigger, the better)
    Interface: ATA-133
    Connector: 40 PIN IDC
    Data Rate: 133 MBps
    Spindle Speed: 7200 rpm

    I found a 250GB drive for £47 delivered (including VAT, I do have to pay VAT) and I would like to find something slightly smaller for less money - push comes to shove, I'll go with that though...


    250gb tends to be the smallest drive for the best pence per gb, smaller and it gets more expensive per gigabyte, ie:

    160gb = 26p/gb for £35ish
    250gb = 18p/gb for £43ish

    ]http//co…uk/ has a good db for computer stuff, but gorder thru them gives THEM the referral you could earn YOURSELF by going through quidco, use them just to browse not order.

    Where are you getting a 250Gb hard drive for £43 from?

    Can you please provide a link?

    Also, just be aware that not every hard drive is lockable if you are using it for an XBox. See following link for compatibility:


    I have always used Maxtor drives and never had a problem.

    try [url][/url]

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the help guys, I actually ended up getting a 250GB drive from, a Samsung Spinpoint:-…278

    They have free delivery on this item, and I bought it through quidco, quidco seems to give money back on the ex. vat amount (even though I paid the inc. vat amount) - bottom line, it cost me £45 and some pence, delivered.

    And thanks for the XBOX HD compatibility link - it is lockable (although, there was one which said it was not lockable, and one comment that said it didn't work...)…by=

    I guess the proof will be whether it works or not (now waiting with baited breath for the delivery!!)

    you made the right choice are very quiet and so reliable

    Original Poster

    I belive the phrase is; get in!

    Nicely pimped out X-BOX, 250GB of storage, just uploading my music and video collections to it now.

    Thanks all for your help on this...


    Thanks for the help guys, I actually ended up getting a 250GB drive from … Thanks for the help guys, I actually ended up getting a 250GB drive from, a Samsung Spinpoint:- have free delivery on this item ........

    I've just had a look at the savastore site. The free delivery seems to have
    gone and it now costs £3.95

    Ordered a 400GB Seagate off Ebuyer, just for my Xbox.
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