120gb xbox360 HD £32.99 woolworths

Could someone send me the link to this expired item that went on this morning, I cant seem to find it in all my searches.I want to see the comments before i vent my spleen at woolies. They mis priced and had the audacity to send a reply that suggest i made a mistake when ordering.No apology no sorry no £5 compo voucher like tesco do.


Vent anger at what?

This was so obviously a miss price. They paid you back.

You lost nothing.

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Vent anger at what?This was so obviously a miss price. They paid you … Vent anger at what?This was so obviously a miss price. They paid you back.You lost nothing.

I wouldnt have minded if they simple said" look we miss priced the item we apologise we wont take payment"
What they did was send me an e-mail saying it was my fault!I had either "hit the cancel order button by mistake.Ordered to large a quant than they had stock of.I asked them to cancel.Some of my details i submitted must have been incorrect.Couldnt Validate my credit card.Or i didnt respons to there request for Information.
All of which do not apply to my transaction. Yes I lost nothin but for the cheeky sods to try and blame me for there cock up is ridiculous.

I put @hotmaill.com instead of @hotmail.com for my email address so didn't get any emails.

Messaged them asking why, and if they say its my fault as I cancelled it, I'll let them know I couldn't have as I was in Manchester all day!
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