120gb/60gb hdd for xbox360

    im looking to upgrade my 20gb hdd to something a lil bigger. anyone know of any places i can get it cheap?


    happy new year ace


    Woolies have 60GB if you can get them...they are cheap

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    cheers ciggy, and you!
    hahahahhahahahahahahhahhahahhahahahahahaha not a chance odb, my woolies have nothing but shelves and a safe left


    Aw thats sucks...I got one from there...was £10 cheaper than anywhere else at the time and thats before the massive discounts IF they have stock left

    not sure where else..I know £55 on Play


    Happy New Year to you both guys x

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    £55 on play? for the 120gb (ever hopeful)


    Ace Hayward;3925175

    £55 on play? for the 120gb (ever hopeful)


    The 60gb starter pack

    if you can serll the bits in it for decent money then it works out semi cheap

    Headset - £7
    Ethernet - £3
    3 months live - £10
    20gb HDD - £20

    So there is £30 right there

    I paid £40 so it was good for me

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    ahhh yes. its also out of stock. (damnit) thx though bud.
    not that it matters, xbox is still in damned germany

    whats it doing over there .. dont tell me the one i sold you died :oops:

    amazon got stock still…8-1

    £59.99 freee ss delivery

    i got a free ps2 out of woolies today they were chucking out returns in big skip out the front it was like a jumble sale pensioners everywhere wading through the skip ..the cd drive was jammed but 10min fix and it works and has fifa 09 in the box no pads tho so cant test it .. dont need it so ive chucked it on freecycle lewes

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    it did bud. red ringed on me! was really not impressed. not your fault though.
    thax 4 the link bud. would prefer a 120gb though.

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    cheers twotelly!

    i feel really bad now,,,,, always kept it of the deck on little blocks to allow air flow ,,, you had the reicept tho ,, so you were covered by ms ???

    sell you my 120gb for £65 delivered :0)
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