125cc Bikes - I want one again

    I'm after a 125cc bike again - its been a about 10 years since I last had one and I know I need to do my CBT etc again. I don't want a trial bike or sports bike - I prefer the look of the more traditional bike. Anyway been doing my research and:

    Hyosung RT125D -…=13…jpg ~ pic

    Yamaha YBR125 Custom -…jsp…jpg ~ pic

    I think these two are my favourites. I prefer the look of the hyosung and its cheaper and more powerful but the reviews aren't as good (but only by slightly) but there is less of them to. The Yamaha is £100 more and is slower but obviously the yamaha name should mean quality & reliability and apparently its the biggest selling bike in Europe. Also the yamaha has cheaper insurance (by about £150 for the year) - I'm 28 with full no claims on my car but it seems that doesn't make a massive difference (and yes, I've checked etc to).

    So any1 have any advice? I have a What Bike? Magazine here which has given me too much choice so I'm just asking round the interwebs atm.

    Its a new bike I want btw ~ no comprimise on that.


    Buy a BMW C1. They are beginning to be collectors items!

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    Buy a BMW C1. They are beginning to be collectors items!

    tee hee -

    erm, no

    i like the look of that yamaha. i dont know anything about bikes but i would like to get one

    i love the old triumphs

    i would think the yamaha would old its value better? could be important if you are not going to keep it for a long time


    tee hee -erm, no

    hey, I have one of these. They look odd, and they have no acceleration so lorries can out accelerate me, but they have a real powerful 125cc engine, and they will get up to 65-70mph. I had mine at nearly 80 going downhill the other week. Look on Ebay for prices, they are still worth > 1k. I SORNED my car for a month or so to defer the road tax couple months, so I will be using tis a lo more. Only time I get wet is putting foot down when stopped. i am looking at full length zip leggings but cant find anything other than fishing gear. Leggings with full length zipswould allow me to take the leggings off real fast.

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    Oh sorry myjess. I've had a scooter in the past - I don't want one again and I can see why the C1 is popular - it'd be more for car drivers who haven't thought about bikes imho.

    10 years ago I had a 50cc and a 125cc before they got stolen - I've on and off dreamed about getting another bike since but I bought a new car then instead but I want a bike again. Its not to save on petrol either - I drive less than 3000 miles a year (I cycle more than that probably). So I'd probably use my bike more and spend more petrol just riding about. This is more for fun.

    The only scooter thing I have considered is…tml - it looks insane and something which stands out a bit is what I want (I think)

    Oh man, that is one lovely looking bike. Be tit costs a bomb! Wet weather over here in NORN IRON (northern Ireland) is why I bought the C1, instead of the 125 scooters on ebay.

    I used to have a few bikes in the past also, the fastest was the K ZZR600, until cops caught me doing 120 down the road on it

    One I liked the best was probably the Honda CX500 with the full police fairing. Top heavy with that v engine, but kept a lot of the rain off also.

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    Oh man, that is one lovely looking bike. Be tit costs a bomb!

    The MadAss? Its only £1499 new (my budget is MAX £3k so I have plenty) - which for a 125cc it has to be pretty good - no sites seem to say the bhp*** tho. Its only 95kg - the Yamaha above is 118kg with 10bhp and the hyosung is 125kg with 13bhp

    Power is something I am looking at. So something that is 20% lighter than the others should be fun and fast, cheaper to - I think I'm almost talking myself into the MadAss here. Space and re-sale value is not an issue for me really. Losing traffic and looks is.

    edit *** It seems as tho its 10 bhp but with the lack of weight not sure how to add all this up, hmmms

    edit 2: these guys hate it…496 ~ think I've gone off it now...

    I have a cheap Honda CG copy, but I have always fancied the look of the Honda Varadero

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    I have a cheap Honda CG copy, but I have always fancied the look of the … I have a cheap Honda CG copy, but I have always fancied the look of the Honda Varadero

    That is a fudgin nice looking bike! haven't come across that one yet in my research. Only had a quick look at reviews (as not at home) and it seems a pretty decent buy. I like the Honda brand to :-)

    Thanks... (for making it even harder) ;-)

    i wouldnt buy a chinese machine or anything with a not well known name , personnaly id stick to a honda suzuki yam kaw etc as the metal used in tuibwjjkobpqv[jfheqk]oqki`s is very poor quaily and spares avaiablity is problematic , italian bikes are fast , beautifull and very unreliable , they also seriously lose money , just sold an rs 125 aprillia that i paid 300 quid for , i did feel sorry for the previous owner with the money he had lost on it , japs always retain good second hand values

    as for the choice ? i cant recommend anything as i have no idea on the style of machine be it a chop to an off roader to a commuter , thats your fun to have popping into dealers and thrashing the daylights out of there machines for them ,,, sorry , i ment test driving

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    ^^yeah, I've been warned against the chinese bikes before. That Sachs Madass is a German company but there is conflicting reports on the web that it is build in china but then that is said for a lot of other jap bikes to, so I dunno...

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    any1 know if they have motorbike sales in January?

    Not sure if you made your decision yet, only have a CBT myself and just recently bought the Hyosung, but had no problems with it so far and its fun to ride, handles ok and has enough power to do what i want which is a 20mile commute to work each day down back streets. If you go to the Hyosung website they have another streetbike with a slightly more powerful engine again which has looks like the Vandero,

    The Sachs thing, I wouldn't, i bought a dodgy scooter from bikes direct which came from China and is dead after about 600km, i looked at one of the other Sachs bikes and they are identical down to the instruments and location of glove compartment and things, so while they maybe assembled in Germany I would bet they are made in China.

    Oh yeah I think that the Hysungs will lose their value faster than the Jap bikes but umm they have been making the Jap bikes in their plant for about 40 years now so quality shouldn't be too much of an issue,
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