£126 for 4GB 360...good price?

    My dad can get me a 4GB 360 for £126 with staff discount.

    I am tempted.

    Should I wait? Is this a good deal? I can't seem to find ANY good bundle deals.


    Normal price online is about £130?

    Not great, would rather get an old elite for a lot less.

    where does he work

    yes it is a good price, i got one a couple of weeks ago when tesco had them for £130, average price online is between £140-£150 so not bad

    i'm also looking for a XBOX 360. Whats the cheapest price in Sainsburys atm? I can get 10-15% discount

    Original Poster


    where does he work


    evening bump for you there GF ;-)

    I would advise stumping up the extra to get the 250gb, however if this is all you can afford get it as long as you dont want to play halo.

    with the integrated wifi + it being a better system than the elite and the fact you will be able to get an upgraded harddrive in a few months cheaper this would be a decent option. again as long as you don't want to play halo
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