128gb Kingston Data Traveler 200....

    looks like i ve just been hit....I knew I was taking a rsik and damn right the chineese proved me right once again.....
    Long story short I paid for desktop ram from china and I got 2 128gb data traveler usb stick....
    Thats how many my £150 is worth......

    I am trying to see how much data I can fit into the drive so far I have copied over 14gb and transfer rate is upto 17.3MB/s am impressed so far.....


    H2TestW is a better tester tbh.


    its not just copying that is the test, its getting the data back

    it might be overwriting data, and just not showing an error

    either way, hope you do OK for your money, but I wouldnt dare buy such an item!

    sorry to say they are fake!
    damn the chinese lol

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    sorry to say they are fake!damn the chinese lol

    I know they are fake.... I wanted to buy 2 benq monitor, for dual screen setup but bought one cause of the ram only to get these....if only......

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    What you on about, this isn't ram.

    I know..... i paid for ram but got these instead...

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    What the **** is that..
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