12Ft Trampoline Enclosure

    I bought a 12ft trampoline from b&q sometime last year in one there sales for £40,i did go for a shed but came home with this lol.Anyway it's never been out of the box and sat in the garage still but i'm looking at getting this set upo for the kids.Now i'm not sure if the enclosures are all the same but i'm looking for a good deal on 12Ft Trampoline Enclosure,looked on b&q and there 60 notes but me been tight i want one cheaper thanks in advance


    Littlewoods have this on sale:…2ft

    With a Littlewoods discount code (have a look through the threads, as some codes work and some don't) and Quidco cashback you could save more.

    Marshall Ward have the same offer and and helsy 78 has just posted this:…ha/

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    Thanks for the info,i've tried ordering through littlewoods but it won't let me have the £20 off because i opened an account in 2000,yet i've never ever ordered anything from them.I got the g/f mother to call in and i used her details ect again it wouldn't let her have the £20 off even tho she's never ever had an account with littlewoods.I've sent them an email so hopefully they'll get back to me shortly

    Like I said they will not accept some codes. Shame on them!!!!!!

    They have even been known to award a discount and then claim the cash back later.…stm

    The Littlewoods group also own:
    Additions Direct
    Great Universal
    Littlewoods Direct
    Littlewoods Ireland
    Marshall Ward

    Most of them have probably got the same offer. Perhaps you could try opening an account with one of the others but there is no guarantee.

    I have had a Littlewoods account for years and they are always offering incentives for me to buy, sometimes two or three offers a month by email. Yet I used a voucher code from the forum last year and they didn't say a word.

    Perhaps the best idea is to 'phone and complain. Littlewoods Direct have a customer orders and after-sales service on 0800 0922622. I know it's not Littlewoods but they are the same company.

    Good Luck.

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    Well got an email back from them telling me to go ahead with the order and once i've received it they'll refund the £20 back to the card.I've kept the emails as proof
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