12inch laptop - is this asus for 499 the best deal out there?

    Just after some expert opinion here, looking for a 12inch laptop and this looks like a good deal, what do people think?

    Asus Santa Rosa T5450 Laptop 2048MB 160GB…76/


    seems pretty good. not a bad price and the spec looks reasonable, only one that isnt great is the processor is slightly older and its generally preferable to have a penryn one (uses less power). also the ram is already maxed out so you wouldnt be able to upgrade it in the future (thats only if you need more than 2gb).

    only other laptops of a similar size i know about are 13.3" screens, something like a dell m1330 or a vostro 1310. I think theres also a toshiba laptop of a similar size as well

    looks like a pretty good deal, I was looking for a small laptop like this recently myself - but sided for a macbook because of the 6hrs battery life, something to think about if you need to use it on the go.
    I got the basic macbook with edu. discount for £603 + £14 quidco that has tracked.
    Another laptop that is quite good / small is the hp dv2535ea a friend got one last year for around £400

    good spec on this asus one though

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    yes the other one is the Dell M1330 - its a bit bulkier but a nicer looking laptop for sure

    yeah i actually have a m1330. amazing laptop. i bought it as a comprimise, so i still had a reasonably light weight laptop but was also really powerful as well. i spent nearly 800 on mine but i pretty much added every option. the led screen option is definately worth it, very bright and nice picture quality.

    even if you go for a lower specced m1330 it will still probably be more expensive than the asus, just up to you if you think its worth it.

    The M1330 is brilliant. If you PM me, I might be able to point you in the right direction of getting one cheaper
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