13.3" laptop wanted. at least 250 GB and 3GB RAM. budget £400 Please advise

    Hi All

    In the market for a sub £400 laptop. Reputable company

    13.3" screen. core 2 duo, 250GB, 3GB ram, wireless
    wouldn't mind bluetooth and webcam but not essential.

    Please help. Rep will be added


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    Very specific request but you might struggle to get one. Toshiba,Lenovo,FJ,Sony,Samsung and HP have nothing with similar spec for that monnies.You can try Dell Vostro 1310 but...I would not say the model has been well made.

    What about :…540 or…124 - Toshiba ,but smaller hdd and Pentium Dual Core
    - 12'' and from ACER

    ...sometimes, reputable company doesn't mean anything, as specific models can be significantly different with regards to quality e.g. Fujitsu's - Amilo and some Esprimo, Acer's series or Dell's Vostro and XPS.Some models may have even different manufacturer despite having the same brand label !

    Also , the difference in performance between Core 2 Duo and Pentium Dual Core (if with Merom core) is much smaller than prices suggest.Common perception is just a result of marketing and product segmentation.They want you to perceive bigger difference to justify charging you more.Look, everything works like this...
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