14 Day Cooling Off Period Virgin Mobile

Posted 24th Jun 2021
Hello my grandfather is on Virgin Mobile he has been having trouble with not being able to use the mobile data on his phone I have looked at his phone and there is nothing wrong with it, all the settings are enabled yet he still cannot use data.

I told him to call Virgin to request his PAC code (he wasn't in a contract) which he did but given his age he gets a little confused so when the Virgin Media rep threw offers at him to keep him he agreed to sign up for 12 months (SIMO) this is despite his mobile data still not working. He has since phoned Virgin about his data issue and they maintain it is not an issue at their end.

Now he has phoned Virgin up to exercise his right to cancel within 14 days and he's been given a PAC code and told he will be charged £33 in early cancellation fees. How can someone on a £6.50 a month SIMO plan be charged 5-6 months in cancellation fees that seems highly excessive?
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