14 day Xbox Live code up for grabs

    Bought an xbox one on the spur of the moment yesterday and now have a 14 day trial to give away.

    Haven't played much in a couple of years. On the 360 the ones I liked were COD BLOPS, GTAV, Far Cry as well as things like Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

    Looking for some recommendations to get back into the swing of things. Will be sporadic usage, so won't be spending days or weeks at a time playing games (unless it really grabs my attention).

    Will select someone at random who gives a good recommendation around 9pm


    Yes please

    BF1, Titanfall 2 or Overwatch are Great

    Witcher 3 GOTY Edition. No other game can top this for me. Amazing.

    Trackmania, it's brilliant.

    Don't know if you would consider going backwards abit but I enjoyed gta4.. and I'm playing 5.. so I think if you liked 5 you would like 4 too. Buy it off eBay cheap :-)

    Definitely consider titanfall 2. I absolutely loved the campaign and the multiplayer has me addicted. I haven't played much of anything else since it came out.

    Battlefield 1 is also great if you want slower paced shooter. Huge maps and great with some friends.

    Also I would recommend witcher 3, batman games and Dark souls as well but would depend on your tastes.

    I enjoyed Hitman or Max Payne

    Not interested in the trail mate but black ops one was my favourite game of all time but on the xbox one I'd recommend you try Tom calcys the division, just the campaign on infinite warfare lol and battlefield one.

    Original Poster

    Thanks all for the suggestions. I'm thinking BF1 might be a shout.

    Code on the way to Tireeq
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