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1,432 eBay items that the "make best offer" button + eBay code off can be used on!

Posted 14th Aug 2019Edited by:"bitcoin5"
Took a while, but here is the current, full, in stock list of all items, that you can all have a go at using the "make best offer" to seller + then use the 10% off code POTENTIAL in the cart, without them knowing you are going to!


There are loads of niches and catagories that have forgotten to turn the button off, so you never know your luck!

I have had 6 out of 9 best offer, offers accepted in the past and then still used the code off discount as well!

* this might get moved as not sure if its classed as a single deal thing anymore!
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How do you filter this
500 error on link!
Link does not work
Not working
Seems its broke, just working out the filter steps, as the link will not work as a filtered list on here..
Edited by: "bitcoin5" 14th Aug 2019
Is the dog in the 10% off
ashmac14/08/2019 21:45

Is the dog in the 10% off

If you can get them to accept a best offer for the basket its in.. do not see why not!!
NassimHC14/08/2019 21:58

still broke!

Close, but no cigar, its fixed up top now

So clicky linky & save for all.. well until they either twig or the code runs out again!!
The first page works but that’s it from the linky
A few that stood out + make an offer + use the code to get the most off!

i7 lappy


Designer Rad

Dial Test Indicator Gauge

Liber Chaotica by R. Williams

Fishing Chair Sonik SK-TEK Folding Chair

ALSO, you can still use the "multi-buy" discount for 2 or more of anything, then use the make best offer, then use the code off, to make stuff even less at the cart!
Prokleen Car Polish Wax Waterless Cleaner Washing Kit

Example of Multi-buy 6% off for more than 2, then use make an offer, then use code, if you have family and friends, to club together and buy something you all want, but cheaper, buying 7 of these would give you the max £60 off less the best offer offer, less the multibuy %!
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