1440x1080 19.5" monitor?

Found 14th Dec 2015
Essentially my housemate has a 24" 1080p screen and very little space for a second screen. Only options are a smaller 1080p screen as a second one or a 1440x1080 4:3 screen that is 19.5" (if my maths is correct) which would fit as well. (I suggested the latter as it is would be the same size vertically) Any suggestions?

(Oh it needs to be hdmi/dvi input)
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I don't think 1440x1080 screens were ever made. There were a few anamorphic early HDTVs using that resolution but I don't remember anything with square pixels at any size. The most popular options were 1280x1024@19" and 1600x1200 at 20.1".

I think he may have to replace his current screen with either a pair of slightly screens or a single wider screen than he has now.
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