14K Italy Silver Chain fake?

Posted 10th May 2015
Hi, Got a Silver 14K chain how do I know it's real and How much it's Worth
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14k Silver or do you mean 14k White Gold
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Idk my friend selling it
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Image Above
If you take it to an independent jewellers they will give you a price for scrap value which wont be much for Silver. Partner has been a pawnbroker for a number of years last time I was in somebody came in with a bit of a smaller chain then that posted. I think they where offering around £2 to £4 for the chain.
Real Sliver is it actually worth that?


Take it to a jewellers... They will test it and tell you if it's real (14k is white gold, not silver). If there are no other hallmarks apart from a stamp that says 14k - then it's probably plated, and not worth anything.
I've explained your best taking it to a independent jewellers or a pawn shop for scrap value. It's roughy 20p a gram. Weigh it and you will have a rough idea what it's worth scrap.
even if gold from abroad
if its not hall marked here
it cant be sold as gold here only "white metal" you could either scrap it or auction it at a specialist jewellery sale

get scrap prices here when you know the weight
silver is 925 so there should be marking saying that onit. if its 14k gold as above get it tested if you have suspicions on legitimacy
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