15 Giant Tree Lillies -- Still Waiting?

    Go to the link below to find out what has happened to your order.…e=4


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    Wouldn't mind some of them will wait till yours turn up X) oO



    Wouldn't mind some of them will wait till yours turn up X) oO

    I'm still waiting for mine too!

    Lol, just this second emailed them about this and then came on here and saw this thread!

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    Look here too
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    I received a letter today with a £5 voucher and word that the money had been returned to my card as they could not send the items due to supply failure.

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    But I bet you have to spend that £5 with them.:)

    I think I'd bin it.

    Yeah £5 to spend with them, but as you know unless there is a code it will be £4.50 P&P

    got mine just in time then

    got mine yesterday after sending them an email earlier in the week.


    I think in future, before I place an order, I'm gonna check if their customer services are based in India. Having just had a similar experience dealing with three, I'm now left wondering if lying is a must on their CVs or if its part of the training.

    You would have thought there would be limited things they'd be able to lie about.

    How does " your order was placed on the 26 April and shipped on the 27th. . . . . Then oh no, it was shipped on the 9th May. . . The reason it takes 14 working days from shipping is our courier take very good care of them. . . . You can track the order. . . .Oh maybe you cant. . . We dont know who the courier is. . . . We dont have a tracking number (despite being given one!). . . "

    Maybe a "what companies have Indian call centres" wouldnt be a bad thing!
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