15" LCD Tv for kids bedroom

    Im looking for a 15-17" LCD TV for my sons room...

    He has moved into the box room to keep the peace and I want to replace his old semi-broken tv with something space saving ....

    Ive seen a few less than £150 but still feel that there must be a bargain out there somewhere...

    I like this one on ebuyer:
    Vistron Techwood 15" Ultrabrite Silver LCD TV £123.37 inc VAT
    quick find code: 123265

    Anything better??




    Yours is a good find, ones in tesco are a rip off :giggle:

    kimbo if you could provide any max dimensions i could make some suggestions.

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    well he would like it in the corner of the room...
    He will have a loft bed in there when its all finished...
    so I assume he will want the tv up at the same level as his bed
    and his drum kit is underneath...

    the wall width available at the end of his bed each side of the corner is about 17" as theres windows either side

    and if we had it on the other wall its only 16" as its the other side of the front window and the main wall is a crappy plasterboard wall.

    Id be looking to mount the tv on the wall but dont know how to allow him to play xbox with his mates and have the option of watching tv in bed

    Dunno if that helps....or just makes things more confusing....:?

    Sounds a bit nuts yer.

    How old is your son?
    Time for a bit of earning this coming half term (whenever it is in feb) + your cash = nice wallmountable 26" IMHO

    Try ]this kimbo_frog

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    He is unfortunatly only job is a no no...
    as people too mistrusting around here to even let kids wash the cars....

    We have a 42" in the lounge, so until I decide it needs upgrading he can hold on for that one...

    He is good though as he scrimped and saved for his laptop and the drums...took him 2 years but he did it!!...

    Dont feel its right to make him pay out anymore for a while...

    Ill stick to a 15" for now as dont want to make him too comfy in his room especially as the teens are approaching....ARGHHH...:lazy:

    Thanx for the help and advice....:giggle:


    I'm only in my late 20s and still shocked how overprotective and suspicious we all are now.

    I've been tempted to upgrade kitchen tv to a 19" widescreen £110 + vga outting freeview box £70. But have been waiting for both to fall in price.

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    ohhh forgot to mention that a headphone socket would be a necessity!!


    Its a shame that all kids are given the same label...

    My car has been scratched, mirrors ripped off, lights broken and covered in nice melting chocolate by the kids that walk past my house to school and back...

    So unfortunatly you can see why the people here wont give any kids the time of day...


    do they do wall mountings for the little tvs that do the same swivel and tilt actions that mine does? I suppose thats another way to make the viewing angles a little easier...but Im not paying the same amount for it!
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