15 mins of fame !!!!

    They say we all get it !!!

    I managed to squeeze myself onto TV during a Simple Minds concert whilst the TV company were doing an interview about Brian Keenan (Belfast Child) back in 1990 or so. I was the one in the background taking the p**s. :giggle:

    Have grown up a lot since then though Keep expecting it to get shown on Denis Nortons laughter file !!

    Anyone else managed to get on the box (Currys doesn't count btw) ?


    yep i got on telly when i was a kid when i was supporting nurses on strike for great ormond street dont quite know all the details .oh i mustve had twenty minutes as a friend said they saw me on telly when they were watching car booty lol .

    I havent been on telly thank god, but my mum has :giggle:

    My dad and Sister were on the Generation game Christmas special about 6 years ago.
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