15 Minute Grocery Delivery Start-Ups are Getting Crazy (New User Discounts)

Posted 16th Mar 2021
Since the beginning of the year, London has had a lot of startups enter the 10-15 minute delivery space, fulfilling orders directly from dark convenience stores (stores run by the company solely for delivery). It's insane that companies are able to deliver orders within 10 minutes! More and more keep on launching, many with aggressive new user promos. I think this is a really exciting thing, but unsure if it's a sustainable business model.

We have had the following companies launch in London (may have missed some):

Getir - 10 min grocery delivery, £15 off first order
Weezy - 15 min delivery
Dija - 10 min delivery, £10 off first order using code WELCOME10
Zapp - 20 min delivery, £10 off first order (min spend £20) using code ZAPPTEN
Gorillas - 10 minute delivery, £10 off first order using code LDN10
Jiffy - 15 minute delivery, 20% off first order + 1 month free deliveries using code WELCOME2JIFFY

Also honorary mentions to Devo and Pinga who offer same day grocery delivery from third parties such as Nisa and Co-Op.

Services such as Ocado Zoom, Waitrose Rapid, Sainsbury's Chop Chop, and Amazon Prime Now have been around for a while now, plus Deliveroo grocery delivery has massively increased in popularity, but nothing has been available as fast as 10 minutes until now. Is this something that could catch on? Do you see a future of people using these services instead of going to the corner shop? Will any of these businesses survive?
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