£150 quidco on Virgin Media- worth it?

£150 quidco on Virgin Media- worth it for a 30mb broadband only package? Would it be a big steop up from my Be* Unlimited ADSL that's on 8mb (get almost 4mb) as am end of exchange.

Any hidden charges to look for or any better deals worth waiting for?



you included line rental , instalation ,
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It works out at just over £20 a month all in.

hmm not bad ! Im on 10 mb net + phone weekends and Im paying £20

yeah they havn't been bad at all -with them for 10 years and no major problems .
The only reason I want to leave is that I can get cheaper - I think !

might want to check out some reviews in your local area,

Get the occasional problems here and there, the customer service (when u need to use it) is pretty cack. Always end up sending them an e-mail to get a decent answer, but of course that means waiting for a few days for an answer.
The tech support isn't too bad, the usual "reboot and if that doesn't work send out an engineer", who then just reboots your stuff.

forgot to mention they will cap your speed at peak times,
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