£150 cashback to switch your current account to Halifax

Posted 30th Sep 2019
Just got this in an email from Halifax funnily enough - so it may be targeted (see below) - however give them a call and they'll hopefully let you have it even if you have not received the email. Apologies as well if its already been posted.

Check that you can get a switch offer:
To get a switch offer of £150 this is what you need to do:
  • Get an email from us inviting you to switch your account.
  • Open a new Reward Current Account or Ultimate Reward Current Account (£17 monthly maintaining the account fee).
  • Then use the Current Account Switching Service to switch your bank account to us, transfer all your payments to the new account and close your old one.
We can’t give you a reward if:Here are some other things you should know:

How long is this offer available?
You can use this offer to apply online, by phone or in branch from 30 September 2019 to 14 October 2019. This offer may change and it may be withdrawn without notice at any time.

Can I get an overdraft if I use this offer?
We may be able to offer you an arranged overdraft, depending on our assessment of your circumstances. You aren't guaranteed to get one if you use this offer. If we’re able to offer you an arranged overdraft, you won't pay daily arranged overdraft fees for six months, as long as you stay within your arranged overdraft limit.

After six months, or if you change your account, you'll be charged daily fees if you use your account's arranged overdraft. If your account's arranged overdraft has a fee-free limit, you'll only be charged if you go over it.

For full details on arranged overdraft fees, please see the 'Bank accounts and switching to us' leaflet which we’ll give you when you open your account. If you'd like another copy, just ask in branch or go to halifax.co.uk/ban…ts.

How many times can I use this offer?
You can only get one offer per customer. If you switch a joint account, you'll only get one offer payment.

When will my £150 offer be paid?
We'll pay the offer into your account by the time your switch has completed. You'll see it in your account.
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Upto £24 a yeae extra possible too. £2 each month reward, usual requirements for 2 DD +£750 minimum monthly pay in.
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