£15,000 to invest,, advise please

    Hello, I have got £15,000 to invest, I want and good rate of return and would consider a risky option. Has anyone good any suggestions?


    Post Office bonds at 4.5%pa fixed.
    £15k + 5 years = £18,118 (GOT YOUR NUMBER!)


    Halifax ISA at 5% pa var
    £15k + 5% a year = £750 profit per year

    Obviously, any posts here cannot be considered as financial advice. Please seek an independent financial adviser.

    Whatever you do, wrap it in an ISA. An ISA means that you can invest £7,000 per person without paying tax (income tax or capital gains tax). So if you have a partner, use up both your allowances (gets you to £14,000).

    I would consider investing in equities, e.g. through a tracker. Fidelity offer a tracker with 0.1% management charge, which seems to be popular at the moment.

    You could buy Sony PSPs or Apple iPods in bulk and sell on ebay, that would be more fun that watching a monthly bank statement, and i think you could make 10-40% profit

    you supply the cash (to the supplier, not me!), i'll do all the hard work and we'll split it 50/50

    LOL reaps!

    by the way i'm not suggesting 15000 all at once, you could do a minimum order around a grand or two

    buy 15000 worth of premium bonds while your deciding on what to do with it

    You never know.....................

    If you've got a mortgage then you could pay off a lump sum - you'll struggle to find a better 'low risk' investment than this. Effectively you'll earn your borrowing rate (typ 5%) on your money tax free! (no £7K limit like there is with an ISA)

    Isn't there a limit to how much can be added to an ISA at one time?

    £7,000 per tax year (april to april) in a maxi isa.
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